Trash & Tidy Cleaning Service

The Perfect House Cleaning Service for Busy People Like You

Whether you are in between regularly scheduled home cleanings and need to freshen up or you just got a call that guests are dropping in for an unexpected visit, Garman’s Trash & Tidy cleaning service can come to your rescue.

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What Is Trash & Tidy Cleaning?

Trash & Tidy is the perfect cleaning service for busy people who would normally do their own cleaning between visits or before guests arrive, but they just don’t have time.

For just $75, one of our cleaning technicians will take out the trash and tidy up so that you have to. It’s a great service that can save you time and give you peace of mind that everything at home is in order.

Trash & Tidy Up Kitchen Cleaning in Lancaster & Lebanon, PA

What’s Included in Trash & Tidy Cleaning?

Garman’s Trash & Tidy cleaning service is a 1.5-hour refresh of your home that includes:

  • Trash removal: Emptying of all waste baskets and trash receptacles around the home, including bedroom, bathroom, office, and kitchen
  • Surface cleaning: Wiping down of sinks and countertops
  • Floor maintenance: Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping main floors
  • Bathroom touch-ups: Toilet & sink cleaning
  • Flexible to Change: Let us know what your priority areas are!

We offer this entire set of cleaning services for just $75 per visit!

Current customers may add a Trash & Tidy visit for the additional fee anytime between scheduled visits. New customers can schedule as often as they like without committing to a repeating cleaning schedule.

Our Service Area

Our Trash & Tidy cleaning service is available throughout our service areas in northern and central Lancaster County and in southern Lebanon County, PA, including homes in:

Garman's Cleaning, Manheim, PA service area map.

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