Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program

Flex Schedule Savings on House Cleaning

The Ambassador Program offers 40% off for eligible clients who are able to have flexible cleaning days & recommend our services. Interested? Let us know, and we will contact you to see if your cleaning needs and schedule are a good fit for the program.

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How It Works

As an Ambassador member, you will be on our flex schedule. The flex schedule helps us fill in gaps in our cleaning schedule so that our employees don’t go without work. The beauty is that our staff can work full days AND you get a sweet deal!

We will do our best to keep your cleanings on a specific day, but we cannot guarantee it. In some cases, we might need to move your cleaning day or time to fill a gap in our schedule (flex scheduling). Most likely, we’ll be able to reschedule you to another day or a different time within the same week.

Who Is Best Suited for This Program?

Our schedule changes often and our employees want to work. This program is designed for cleaning customers who can be flexible with scheduling, as needed, to help us keep our employees working full schedules.

Let Us Know If You’re Interested

Please complete the form below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible! Entering your information does not promise a spot in our program, nor does it mean commitment on your end — this is simply the first step.

When we reach out, we will talk some more about your house and get a definite price ready for you!